SHOEGAZE! So get out your pedalboards and Fender Jaguars and get gazing!

Parallel is the musical project of Andreij Rublev, Foot, Analog Weapon and Hors Sujet, started on October 19th 2019. Every track was played and recorded monthly on a live call through Discord, then raw-mixed and edited afterward. Everything was spontaneous, improvised, reactive and alive. This is where our respective projects converged and created something new. And we truly hope that you will enjoy the road that we walked together.

In times like this, what's better than a big musical event, with plenty of space between us? Fight back the pandemic by staying at home while enjoying some fucking music!!! A slew of Magpie Pirates will be performing live on the Magpie Pirates Youtube channel. Please join us! The event will be held March 21st from noon UTC to midnight UTC, and again on March 22nd in the same time span. Check out to keep up to date on which artists are performing when. Join our discord to stay up to date and meet the performers (or even be one, if you want!). Stream links will be posted in the discord and on this page.

Click through to see the full lineup.

In the "Help! I'm having a stroke!" collab the intention is to make music as if the musicians were impeded / confused / confounded in some manner. Bashed keyboards and smashed sounds in the most beautiful way possible.