A special installment of Magpie Mutineers. The pirates chose from samples submitted for previous mutineers activities and gave themselves a week (As opposed to the usual couple hours) to make tracks for this album.

In this collab, the pirates made any flavor of breakbeat.

Pirate deepsurface has recently initiated a new ongoing collab format. Pirates create and swap 5 samples per each, 5 seconds long, and then create a song to celebrate spontaneity. These exercises are done spontaneously and completed in about 2 hours.

Welcome to a new series called "Pirate Spotlight" where we highlight the work of an individual Magpie Pirate for a whole week. Throughout the week, we will be bringing attention to particular pirate as much as possible. Learn more about your fellow artists by reading their info and visiting their sites. Take a listen and look. If you have questions for this artist, join the discord and hit them up. Without further ado, let's meet næringssorg: