The Pirates released the most massive collaboration album yet with Welcome to the Ship. This was a freeform project where members were encouraged to submit whatever they felt best represented them as an artist. Sit back and enjoy over 2 hours of original work.

Pirate Tataki spent some time streaming the game Stranded Deep. We followed along in his adventures from and around Pi Pi Island. While playing the game, the soundtracks was music by pirates. In June, 2016, Tataki initiated a call for new music, specifically inspired by the game. Many tracks were submitted, and at the end of July, Tataki played one last session of Stranded Deep with this album as a soundtrack.

Check Josh's world of creation. He paints and bends circuits and musicalizes.

Analog Weapon got permission from Azraelecho to take apart his Stylophone, bend it, and re-case it. Here's a video about it.