Dismist gives an extensive overview of various music creation apps for Android.

Magpie had the idea to challenge the community to make a track in 1 hour. He didn't tell them anything other than that they should be prepared to make music. On the given day, he further informed them that they would be composing, recording, mixing, and uploading a song in 1 hour. Then he started the timer. So not only was every track on this album composed in an hour, but they were all composed in the same hour. For the exact same hour, nearly 30 pirates scrambled to make art. The cover art was drawn in the same hour by Lu.

The Magpie Pirates community summoned a black metal collab album. Have a listen!

Replenish The Void shows us a circuit bent polar bear: "I bought this pedal used, and it was a little broken from the start, so I decided to bend it despite its price. It wasn't a very easy pedal to bend and some of the LEDs broke while bending. Anyway it turned into a nightmare machine."