Replenish The Void shows us a circuit bent polar bear: "I bought this pedal used, and it was a little broken from the start, so I decided to bend it despite its price. It wasn't a very easy pedal to bend and some of the LEDs broke while bending. Anyway it turned into a nightmare machine."

In celebration of Inktober, the Pirates are submitting their artwork to the #inktober thread on the Discord server. Some artists are following prompts, others are just doing it casual. Read on to see the art we're making. Join us!

It's episode 3 of Lu's Super-Massive Paintorama Brainstorm! In this project, Lu is collecting ideas from the Magpie Pirates and incorporating them into her paintings in preparation for a gallery showing. This will be a regular vlog series leading up to the January 30th showing.

Analog Weapon bent some pedals. Here's what they sound and look like.