The Magpie Pirates is an online community for the purpose of fostering creativity among its members. To this end, certain activities are organized to elicit creative art production from the community. The community and its online presence is intended to be a platform for its members to reach a bigger audience than they might be able to on their own.

Online Presence (“platforms”)

  • Discord - The hub of the community
  • Youtube
  • Website
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook



The “Magpie Pirates” Discord server is the authoritative hub of the group. Members of the Discord server are considered members of the community. There are no other requirements for being a member. All ages, colors, genders, heights, widths, nationalities, religions, non-religions, etc of human can be members. Non-humans are eligible unless they are ticks, mosquitoes, or wasps.


Membership can be terminated according to the rules.


Roles are maintained to run the activities and administer the community. These roles are indicated on the Discord server.


Members are just anyone who has joined the Discord server. There is no Discord role that corresponds to members.


The Pirate role is for members who have shown that they are interested in helping the community. Members who stick around for a couple weeks and are generally friendly will become Pirates. 

Pirates can request shoutouts on some Magpie Pirates platforms by posting the content in Discord and mentioning the relevant role (@pingrequest, @instagram, @website). Mentioning these roles notifies a QM who will then make a at shoutout when they can at their discretion.


Pirates are strongly encouraged to share their ideas for activities for the community and content for the platforms. If you have an idea, it’s probably cool!

Decksmates (DM)

Decksmates do this:

  • Everything Pirates do.
  • Enforce the rules
  • Assist with / run activities
  • Make members Pirates

Quarter Masters (QM)

Quarter Masters do this:

  • Everything Pirates and DM’s do
  • Recruit DM’s
  • Administer the Magpie Pirates accounts on all the platforms
  • Process submissions for activities
  • Final decision on stuff DM’s aren’t sure about

The Magpie

It’s just Simon (the Magpie).

  • Promotes the community abroad
  • Final decision on stuff QM’s aren’t sure about

Code of Conduct (“rules”)

These conduct rules apply across all platforms. They are enforced by DM’s and QM’s.


The summary of all of these rules: Don’t be mean. Be nice!


  1. If you're not OK with something someone says, tell it to them directly. This especially applies if what's being said is directed towards you, for instance if you take offence or feel insulted by what was said about you. You should only need to tell a person once. If they still don't change their behaviour, call on QM or DM for help. 
  2. No NSFW content, blatantly offensive/toxic behaviour, or incensed arguing outside of the #fuckedout channel on Discord. The first rule applies everywhere.
  3. Extremely NSFW content like gore and below-the-waist is not allowed.
  4. Common Etiquette
    1. Don't state your opinion as fact! We have members from all over the world. Inevitably people will have different opinions. Respect that people have differing opinions and make it clear when you're just voicing your opinion. Especially don't attack people for having different opinions! Having a civil disagreement and exploring your differences of opinion is fine, but if the argument gets heated it should move to #fuckedout.  Keeping rule number 1 in mind is especially important in these cases.
    2. Watch your language! While we don't disallow "bad words", try to keep a good tone in general and avoid unnecessary invectives, name-calling, and swearing. A "Fuck yeah!" as an enthusiastic response is perfectly fine; spewing a long string of invectives in #hangout just for the hell of it, isn't. In #fuckedout you can express yourself more freely and be as colourful as you like as long as you obey rule number 1.


If you keep up unwanted behaviour despite being told off, you can be punished by being assigned the limbo role in Discord. This role is only allowed to post in the #limbo channel. You’ll be let out of limbo when you chill out.


Certain behaviors, which warrant a trip to limbo, might be addressed by a warning from a QM or DM along with a directive (generally to cease a particular behavior). Not following one of these directives will get you a strike. 


A user with 2 strikes is banned. Use of slurs (racial, homophobic, transphobic, etc) with no context can also lead to a direct ban.


Activities are devised by the community and open to all members of the community. Recommend activities in the #server-suggestions Discord channel.


A collab is usually a group effort to create something either individually or in smaller groups. It’s usually music, but it’s not confined to that. Collabs are announced and administered by QM’s. The rules and deadlines for a collab are listed in a Discord channel dedicated to to the collab and also on a dedicated page on the magpiepirates.com website.


The official Magpie Pirates podcast hosts a variety of podcasts. Any pirate can submit a show to the podcast. Just ask about it in the #podcast channel on Discord.


Streams are run on the Magpie Pirates Live channel and sometimes on the main Magpie Pirates channel. Anyone who has an idea for stream can approach the QM’s or DM’s about it and it can be arranged at their discretion. Most ideas are cool. Please inquire!

Driving while streaming is not allowed on Magpie Pirates platforms. Just so we don’t get hurt or hurt anyone else. :)

Magpie Fest

Magpie Fest is a semi-regular online festival where live performances are streamed on a schedule. QM’s will announce and organize the fests with everyone’s help.